Private Irish Whiskey Tasting in Historic Landmark Hotel - Dublin
Private Irish Whiskey Tasting in Historic Landmark Hotel - Dublin
Private Irish Whiskey Tasting in Historic Landmark Hotel - Dublin
Private Irish Whiskey Tasting in Historic Landmark Hotel - Dublin
Private Irish Whiskey Tasting in Historic Landmark Hotel - Dublin
Private Irish Whiskey Tasting in Historic Landmark Hotel - Dublin

Private Irish Whiskey Tasting in Historic Landmark Hotel - Dublin

Hosted by

The Shelbourne Hotel

The Horseshoe Bar Team

Your tasting experience will be held in the historic surroundings of The Horseshoe Bar in the iconic Shelbourne Hotel. A resident expert from the Bar team will take you on a sensory journey through Irish Whiskey history. The Bar fondly known as “an institution within an institution” has had a colourful history, popular with musical and literary figures including Sean Ó Riada, Patrick Kavanagh, Brendan Behan and Seamus Heaney, as well as scions of industry, politicians and the “horsey set”.

The luxurious Shelbourne Hotel is one of Dublin’s finest and holds a place in Irish history both inside and out. The exterior still bears the marks of artillery from The Rising. And in 1922, The Shelbourne hosted the drafting of the Irish Constitution. This dignified meeting room now known as The Constitution Room, holds replicas of the original document and today is still used for important gatherings.

With its fascinating, illustrious heritage, and particular place within Irish history, it is only natural, that The Horseshoe Bar at The Shelbourne should also celebrate another important Irish tradition and one of the country's finest products - Irish Whiskey.

About The Experience

If you’ve always wanted to compare Irish Whiskeys or discover what you like, well this is the perfect sensory experience, in a relaxed and refined setting. In this private 30-minute tasting, an expert from The Horseshoe Bar Team will impart their vast and arcane knowledge of Irish Whiskey, immersing you in the fascinating story behind the glorious ‘Uisce Beatha’. Irish Whiskey was one of the earliest distilled drinks in Europe, beginning around the 12th century, with production reaching its peak in the 1700s, when there were over 1200 distilleries in the country. The fact that the Irish for Whiskey is Uisce Beatha, meaning water of life, probably says it all regarding the importance in Ireland of this drink. You will enjoy a signature Irish Whiskey tasting flight of 4 very individual and special Whiskeys - Midleton Very Rare, Bushmills 10 Year Old Single Malt, Connemara 12-year-old, Green Spot Single Pot Still Whiskey as you are guided through each taster. Now what’s not love about this!

What Else Do You Need To Know

As alcohol is being consumed the experience is only available to adults over 18 years of age. Age verification with valid ID may be requested.


The Shelbourne Hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Dublin, about 30 minutes from Dublin Airport, depending on traffic. Valet parking is also available at the hotel for a separate charge of €35. To help you plan your arrival at The Shelbourne, we have provided step by step directions from the airport to the hotel.

  • M1 South to City Centre.
  • Left at Dorset St.
  • Left down Parnell St.
  • Right down Marlborough St.
  • Across the River Liffey.
  • Left at Trinity College.
  • Right at Kildare Street, hotel at top of street on left.
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